A web cartoon. Why people find this site funny I have no idea. I must be the only one who doesn't find it funny.
My brother showed me HomestarRunner expecting me to laugh, but I didn't.
by 5150pacer April 27, 2007
sawm won hoo hass mawsh mewwo bains
shawwwwn awr ess a oowm staw wunna
by austin December 05, 2003
The most awesomeest website if ever there was one.Mostley recognized for the extreme hottie, Strongbad.
Homestarrunner has made the papers!
by Strongbad September 12, 2003
Homestar seems a little "slow" at times. I dont think the Chaps mean for him to sound like he's mentally handicapped, but the way he talks does indicate that he's not really "all there" upstairs. It just fits his image I guess.
-My neme-a is Huomestaw Wunnoh.

-Thet is oone-a ugly burd.
by STOCKHOLM - SVERIGE October 27, 2003
Pale-faced goofball. Wears a beanie and a red shirt with a white star on it. Is stupid,but means well. Star of "homestarrunner.com". Has a speech impediment.
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
A weird looking guy at www.homestarrunner.com
He has no arms and an ugly cap.
welcome to homestarrunner.net! oh right... "It's dot com!"
by Megamuffin June 01, 2003
Slow-witted, beanie-wearing, dullard with a speech impediment capable of annoying and amusing simultaneously.
Synonymous with Dumpface.
Often borrows fondue pots.
Flagrant error! This does not look good for Homestar Runner.
by Dan January 12, 2003
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