doofus with no arms
i like to dance around
by Evanezer April 18, 2003
1. A very terrific athlete.
2. Fluffy puff marshmallow spokesman.
3. Proprieter of, and the lesser known, ITS DOT COM!
4. Lover of Marzipan, Melonade, and flushy-push marshmallows.
5. Enemy of strong bad.
6. He who speaks with a lisp, wheres a helicopter beanie, has a large overbite, and does not wear pants.
hello, I'm Homestar Runner, and this is a website!
by Jason Osborne August 08, 2003
A dim, slow-witted, yet stragely hilarious creature with no arms, a red shirt with a star on it, and speach impediments. Also known as the best damn thing on the internet!
Homestar Runner is the best thing ever!!
by Lieutenant Tarpit August 18, 2004
A white character who is constanly made fun of by certain individuals. ( strong bad )
Homestarrunner got punched in the face by strong bad
by jayson April 18, 2003
The funniest "cartoon ever" There are rumors about this little 2 legged guy (With no arms) that he dates back to 1936.
"Uhh I drove," said homestarrunner as strongbad questioned him.
by Huck December 10, 2003
An awesome site that fags with screen names like "Tam Dalton" and "Cesspool" (their screwed up posts can be seen near the bottom of this page) wouldnt understand. Its about a guy with no arms and a wrestler that wears boxing gloves, with a host of interesting characters who have all these zany adventures.
Homestarrunner is da bomb.
by Bigg Knife July 23, 2003
the coolest character in with a speech impediment. of course, he's the coolest next to Stwong- i mean strong bad
Homestar: Hello, and welcome to
pompter dude: Psst. It's .com
Homestar: Oh yeah, wight. "It's dot com!"
Prompter dude: augh... cut!
by Jackie November 10, 2003

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