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1. To have sex with
2. To hit a baseball or softball over the fence
1. "Me and TJ finally fucked last night when we were chillin at his friends house."
2. What I'ma do this softball season
by amaran January 20, 2004
saying you ain't gay/lesbian
"yo did you and your best friend kiss ever?"
"No I dont' swing that way"
by amaran January 20, 2004
really a lot
crazy good
"So how'd you like the concert?"
"Oh it was mad good."
"Yeah I know. Usher is mad hot!"
by amaran January 20, 2004
Only the best team in the NBA right now with the best win % and this years champs...uh huh uh huh thats right
I love Bibby and the Kings they're goin all the way this year
by amaran January 20, 2004
your group of friends who you tight with and who got your back around haters
"what you doin?"
"Nothin just chillin with my posse."
"Oh what u doin later?"
"I dunno maybe drive around and pick up guys or drink if we can find someone to buy us liquor."
by amaran January 20, 2004
a guy or girl who isn't gay but doesn't like to do sexual things or even really hug people of the opposite sex
"I heard Jessica never kissed a guy and she just turned 17."
"Yeah I know she's mad prude."
by amaran January 20, 2004
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