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Homancing: (verb) the act of romancing a known promiscuous individual into sexual relations under the guise of a traditional romantic relationship.
Guy 1: Are you really dating her? She's such a slut!
Guy 2: Nah. I'm just homancing her for a bit.

I'm not really interested in dating her so much as I am in homancing her for a while.

Mom: Use'em for sex girls. Use'em for sex. Homance'em and leave.
by Jajen2003 September 20, 2010
the phase before a person attempts to turn a ho into a house wife.
joey: i think im wearing her down
scott: not a good look
joey: i might be in love
scott: no amount of homancing is going to change her, YOU CANT TURN A HO INTO A HOUSE WIFE
by mcbillions June 23, 2009