A romance between women in a non-sexual way. It's the female version of "bromance".
Ally and Mindy are obsessed with each other, they hang out allllll the time, it's like a homance or something
by Alexandra Flahive December 30, 2009
When two guys are oddly close friends, it is called a bromance. This is the female equivalent, thus it is the friendship between two girls when oddly close.
Mary and Jane had just started working together and were quickly becoming best friends. This is the beginning of a tru 'homance'!
by Prally January 12, 2012
A silly illusion of a relationship with a chix that is using a guy to benefit herself.
Don: Lydia really likes me.
Ed: Lydia the stripper, dude she likes your dollars. You're in a homance.
by TelynAgain December 03, 2008
same as a bromance except for women.
My girlfriend really hit it off with my buddy's girlfriend the first time they met. They want to hang out together without us. They have a homance.
by OneEru88 November 27, 2010
When you have romantic relations with someone in which you don't wish to really romance. A "just sex" romance, if you will. Taking a girl out to wine and dine her = romance. Taking a girl home after a night out = homance
"I'm in the club looking for homance, not romance. Here you don't have to buy dinner to get laid ... just drinks and a cab ride home maybe. Homantic relationships are more economical, and well ... this is a bad economy"
by Cason-Point March 21, 2010
The female version of a "bromance".
Ava and Larissa's homance burns with a fiery passion. Be jelly.
by pseudonym17 November 14, 2011
Like a bromance, but with with two girls
We have lesbian sex so now we have a homance.

My girlfriend in a homance, but I'm okay with it because it makes for good three-ways
by kgarialceey69 May 02, 2011
1) a romance where the girl is a bitch who flirts with other guys. making her a ho.

2) a relationship where the guy is whipped by a slut
Jim: "Let's hook up."
Ann: "Hold on, I just have to 'talk' to Freddy."
Jim: "OK, come back soon!"
Bob: "Yo b, you gotta end this homance."
by Bob Gorton December 19, 2006
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