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Belfast/Northern Irish word for "rummage" or "Find"
Me: Did you find that cd?
Billy: Aye, I'll have a Hoke for it now

Me: Give us a hoke at ye!!

Me: Give us a hoke at ur blurt (Northern Irish Slang for vagina)
by KingBIlly1690 May 11, 2009
To go for a touchdown when all pussies think you should kick a FG
Michigan totally Hoked Notre Dame last night. What a game!

The Lions almost got Hoked before halftime against the Bucs, but the defense broke up the Bucs pass in the end zone.
by ILP929 September 11, 2011
To chauffeur someone around, particularly an old lady, so that she can run errands. (Originated from the name of the black man, Hoke, in the movie Driving Miss Daisy.)
Man 1: Hey buddy, you wanna go golfing Saturday?
Man 2: I can't... I gotta hoke my mother to the hairdresser.
by Janet66 May 08, 2007
A joke that it's intent is to make one laugh so great that it becomes a horrible joke. In other words,that akward long silence joke.
-John: I have alot of patience,but im not a doctor!

-Tom: Wow what a hokes.
by CanadianCredit March 21, 2011
a word to say when there are no words to be said
bob: my ass is bleeding a lot

dan: hoke
by jarthoke April 08, 2009
A complete goober. A southern version of a jersey shore idiot.

Generally dates other hokes.
Did you see those two hokes together at that party? They were lame, I bet they listen to soulja boy and make out.
by daniel daniel February 23, 2008
Very similar to a joke, a hoke is a half-joke. Like when you are trying to tell someone something and they respond with an insult, so you make a joke of it. It is most commonly used in those awkward circumstance when the person you're talking to makes a complete "prick" comment.
Tim: Hey did you see that Glee episode last night?

Mike: No because I have a dick.

Tim: Haha, sorry I guess my menstrual cycle is acting up. (A key example of a hoke)
by horaceapplebottom December 06, 2011
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