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A brown hair, semi chubby, over sarcastic young boy. A Hoke is always into girls way out of his league and with their names starting with C. He always sees the glass as half empty instead of full. Hoke has his days where he is nice and sometimes sweet. But other days he just won't stop complaining and will just be a ass hole to everyone. Over all a Hoke is always interesting to have around.
Jesus!! Stop complaining! You're such a Hoke!
by Jacknthebeamstock November 12, 2011
a nig who falls over all the time and thinks theyre hilarious when theyre not.
wow did u guys see cassie fall right after she made those bad jokes? what a hoke.
by #1nigga February 23, 2008
most good; showing of emence greatness
that was hoke when I won the lottery
by IcePick Trotter July 07, 2003
Somone that is so full of him/her-self that they think that everything that they do is the best and if somone does it differently or opposite then they are a loser.
person1: I like PC better than mac what do you think?

person2 (the hoke): I like mac way better and anyone who thinks PC is better is a loser so you are a loser.
by notaginger03 November 09, 2011
Limp; not erect.
You need some of them Viagra pills, hoke boy.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003