when a male performs self masturbation and curls up to himself and sounds like freakitty old man while ejaculating...he is performing the hob goblin.
Man I just walked in on kevin and he was hob goblin like a mofo... that nasty nigguh!!! WTF!!??
by Frsh To Death April 16, 2010
A Hobgoblin is also a kind of monster or animal in storries and computer-games.
see Goblin
The Hobgoblins attacked the villagers.
by Anonymous July 04, 2003
Eating food in the kitchen or straight from the fucking pan because you are too lazy or too greedy to waste energy serving it up
"I was so hammered last night I was hobgoblin ramen straight from the pot and burnt the shit out of my mouth"
by brewster666 March 12, 2015
A person marked by excessive consumption of everything.
"Graham, stop hobgoblinning all the peppers!!"
by swaggynagy May 30, 2014
To hobgoblin is for a man to perform oral sex on a woman while she is driving his drunken ass home from the bar. Essentially it is the same as road head for a guy.
Tom totally pulled a hobgoblin on that chick from the pub last night.
by TN Woman's Suffrage Group August 13, 2007
Going to a lower class pub and ordering the wrong drink will end up with a hobgoblin. It is when a large gentleman places his fist in a furnace then shoves it up the offenders arse. This advances into a fisting motion until the offenders head reaches the beams on the ceiling of the pub.
Dave, don't worry, i'm already preparing a hobgoblin.
by Walshers52 August 31, 2010
a socially awkward person who has their own unique language and life style compared to normal society; the lifestyle often consist of strange or outdated music, odd clothing and strange catch phrases no one has heard of.
ex 1.
"Dude did you hear that kid?"

"Ya, what was he saying?"

"I don't know man it was weird!"

"Total hob goblin!"

ex 2.
"Hey isn't that Powder?"

"No thats just that hob goblin kid!"
by J.R. Hogkiller January 03, 2009
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