a very shady person. Usually found creeping around town, looking for people to smoke weed with them, someone who when youre with them attracts unwanted attention. Never has weed of their own, occasionally will come up with a dollar for a blunt, but thats it.
"fuck that hob gob mother fucker"
"dudes a hob goblin homie he aint ever got no bud"
by Sean Don and Codine August 24, 2008
Something Causing fear ;; a mischevious goblin
You instilled a hobgoblin in me I never knew of
An imaginary, illlusory idea. A naive lie based on fantasy. Bullshit. A rather elaborated, but fantastic and hard to believe story, mostly used to fool someone or to cover up the truth. A make-believe lie.
You don't expect me to believe this hobgoblin stuff, do you?
by Ewerton Baldez October 26, 2008
A little person (midget or dwarf) with a facial deformity who enjoys performing oral sex on male genitalia.
Bro, last night I saw some hobgoblin blowing the shit out of your dad.
by LongCock Von HugenDong December 28, 2008
A small goblin who steals biscuits, especially Hobnobs
Ahhhh fuck, that damn hobgoblins bin in ma stash of hobnobs again.
by ___ July 06, 2003
When the ear is placed in contact with the butthole. The perpetrator plugs his or her nose and blows as hard as he or she can and ejects air and/or blood into the butthole.
Man, last night I saw this drunk guy hobgoblin someone! It was fucking nasty!
by halgaola September 13, 2007
An unattractive, short, overweight female.
The hobgoblins were the only ones not asked to the dance.
by Blowfish July 22, 2005

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