(H.I.T.) man. A nick-name for men who are engaged to be married.
My fiance Nick is my super-awsome H.I.T. man.
by Trixie Peterson February 25, 2007
Codeword often used for reconnaissance marines.
Usually combined with numbers to make a differance between the commander (Hitman actual), squad or specific soldier (Hitman 2-4)
Hitman 3-1 this is Hitman actual, maintain speed maintain direction
by FATH July 20, 2009
Adorable people. Whatever you do to them, you don't feel bad.
Comment on you average hitman:

I love hitmen. Whatever you do to them, you don't feel bad.

- Marv (Mickey Rourke) in Sin City (dirs. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, 2005).
by Fearman November 06, 2007
slang for a homosexual male who is paid by his female friends to molest their cheating boyfriends
Guy 1: Dude, are you alright? You're really pale.
Guy 2: No man, I just found out my ex hired a hitman to butt rape me, he's searching for me as we speak.
Guy 1: That sucks...
by SigurJ February 05, 2009

just forget the "for" between "making" and "another"
Yao Ming is doin HITMAN as the first Chinese to play in the NBA

by skywalker790 July 30, 2009
A very odd type of weed. Smells like Pine trees. It is not good weed, yet when reported people said they were never that high again.
It appears to be MID GRADE.

The story of the hit man is that when you get the product it is delivered in a Hit man video game case.
"Yo man you got any of the Hitman!?"
"No, I only got it once, and I'll never buy it again"

"jaha when we were in that car with Scott, Holy shit I was so high!"

"The Hitman"
"The Hitman!!"
by I would like the Duck. January 21, 2009
He is the Daddy of BusDaddy, He is also the one all bus drivers fear when he shows up, they refuse to go to the hotel for fear of not having a coach to come back to that night, He is the one all the women adore and wish to have babies with...He is such a feared figure that even Hades himself fears The Wrath of The Hit Man...

He is the bus driver to end all bus drivers....He WILL end you...
Hit Man Hit-Man

I would rather soak myself in gasoline and walk through Hell than have the Hit Man after me...
by Wikafearia February 18, 2011
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