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Stupid, prejudice Fascist German leader during WWII. Killed millions of jews. Total a**hole.
Hitler is a fascist fag!
by THUG2 December 02, 2010
can be used as a verb or ad-verb

1. relating to eradicating or diminishing a large quantity of things

2. to go on a tirade of threatening and menacing

can be used as a verb or ad-verb
guy 1: hey guy 2, I heard about that prank the guys did on you...you ok?

guy 2: no...guy 1, I'm not. I'm going to hitler those sonsabitchs.

girl 1: wow...I feel like such a pig.

girl 2: what'd you do?

girl 1: I totally hitlered that whole box of oreos I got earlier. <groan> now I'm paying for it.
by MadaoxSama September 25, 2009
A word that when used by someone, generally signals their loss in an argument.

A rule of thumb for debate tournaments: The first person who says "hitler" loses.
Person 1: ...and that's why captialism is essential to a nation's freedom.

Person 2: But uh, the nazis used to...uh i mean, hitler was...

Person 3: Sorry bro, you lose for bringing up hitler.
by YankeeRebelSon September 29, 2007
When a woman shaves her pubic region in one strip aka landing strip
Does she shave.
No she had a hitler.
by Cellardoor May 31, 2005
An Austrian genius. Founder of the Nazi party, dictator that took power in Germany, author of Mein Kampf, and blamed the Jews for their loss of World War I. But when it comes to war tactics, a lil on the stupid side. Wait.. No he is stupid on war tactics. Started World War 2, and ended the Western front of WWII in Europe by comitting suicide in his bunker. He also caused the Holocasut, killing around or more than 6 million Jewish people, and also killing around 20 million others.
Friend: Hey, do you think Hitlers retarded for starting WWII?

Me: No, he was very intelligent, made many inventions, and wrote Mein Kampf. He just blew at war tactics and hated everyone but Germans.

Friend: Wow. That gives me another sight to World War II.
by Liverm October 24, 2010
to have some sort of horrible smell on ones fnger and to wipe it under the nose of the chosen victim, like a hitler mustache. the victim will then smell the horrible stench of something for hours.
"dude, i totally stuck my finger up my butt then hitlered that guy"
by molly13 June 25, 2008
Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889–April 30, 1945) was the Führer und Reichskanzler (Leader and Imperial chancellor) of Germany from 1933 to his death. He was leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), better known as the Nazi Party.

He came from a working class family and dreamed of being a painter, his ruthless farther said 'over my dead body' and so it was that when His farther died he took up his dream of being a romantic painter, & a shite one at that. However his father's voice echoed on and he joined the army were he became hysterically blind, A psychiatrist who helped Hitler during this time has a lot to be blamed for, Hitler was a nobody, poor grades, lazy and hopless....This psychiatrist restored faith in Hitler and told him he could do magnificent things if he chose to, so he did. The reason why I admire Hitler is that he is underestimated, even in his day....he was an average Joe who cared for his country in the wrong way and achieved great things. Plus for someone to manipulate an entire country, German mostly had no idea of the sickness and evil inflicted on jews or ethnic groups aka 'mud races'...is quite an achievement. I think Hitler and Nazis had to happen, it was and still is one of humanities darkest hours.......we wouldn't be were we are now if this didn't happen. If Hitler didn't do it, some other Christian with his built in antisemetics would have.
Joe Stalin Vs Adolf Hitler both have a lot in commmon-who was the greater man, I say Stalin.
by MagdaGobles June 19, 2005