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a bro term used to describe something cool or used in any situation when wanting to sound like a bro. It can also be used as a noun, adjective, verb, or added to the end of any word
dude that movie was sooo zank

mom, cool the fuck out. you can't hold me responsible for peeing on the rug and trying to spoon the dog because i was so zanked last night
by zachevieve August 21, 2010
15 10
its a informal way to say thanks may be for friends.
zanks for the kiss
by sorrr May 29, 2011
6 3
a person who is always doin weird nd stupid things
"yo wtf u ma zank"
by zigzagdanger February 22, 2010
14 12
A mispronunciation of the word "Thank".
Zank you so much for your help
by Dyno English Teacher January 24, 2014
1 0
to have sexual intercourse
i would totally zank Megan Fox.
by Zanker November 09, 2011
7 8
a name given to describe unusally large testicles.
His balls were named zank because if each of DooDoo's legs could touch the top of each twin tower then even ants by the ground could catch a good swing.
by unknown June 14, 2006
20 33