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The shit company that copyrights all my favorite tv shows, like Doug, and Eureka's Castle, so nobody can watch them on YouTube when they get cancelled, and have to pirate them illegally.
Viacom is stupid and eats shit.
by anherotaylor August 11, 2007
A high school in Eastern Kentucky, with a student body count of about 350+.
Filled with racist, Hitler-idolizing, hillbilly faggots, and illiterate, 12th grade basketball stars with a 1st grade reading level,
attending this school is equivalent to spending 4 years of your life on stage in front of millions of 2 year olds in a Dorothy the Dinosour costume.
Most drop out.
Nearly every alumni student of Allen Central graduates thinking they will major in pharmacy once they get into college.
Most drop out of college.
I go to Allen Central, so chances are, I'll never make it in the real world after I graduate.
by anherotaylor August 11, 2007
A teenage boy or man who isn't fat at all, and is actually quite attractive, but has self-esteem issues like that of a 15-year-old girl.
Fatty mikes are usually straight, but have EXTREMELY feminine qualities, like reading their girlfriend's YM & Cosmopolitan magazines, waxing pubic hair, and are weirdly emotional.
See also metrosexual.
HA!HA! Fatty Mike shaves his legs!
by anherotaylor August 11, 2007
A German dictator who had amazing leadership capabilities, but had many, many innocent Jews tortured and put to death.
He's the classic example of an hero.
Hitler is NOT cool, or funny.
by anherotaylor August 12, 2007
A person who commits suicide after killing a large number of other people,
(like that Asian guy at Virginia Tech, or Hitler)
or fails at killing themself miserably.
Taylor overdosed on Advil, but got her stomach pumped at the hospital, where her life was saved, and she became 'an hero.'
by anherotaylor August 11, 2007

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