A crazy man with a wierd mustache . started WW2 in 1939 . killed millions of Jews and other Europeans . he wanted to rule the whole world but was eventually stopped . When he knew he was finally going to lose, he committed scuicide with his girlfriend, (yessir, he had a girl) whose name escapes my mind at the moment .
Guy 1: "wow, hitler was a f*cking nutcase ."

Guy 2:"i know . if he was still around, id shave off his stupid mustche and dip him in hot oil and stuff ..."

Guy 1: "......... okay ..."
by rawr fear me January 24, 2009
That evil German dude with the little mustache(that's probably not the only small thing he has). Was the leader of Germany, killed Jews, communists, and anyone else that racist people don't like.
Hitler caused the holocaust. What an asshole.
by Flare.Ryuuka February 01, 2015
an ass-hole who was the dictator of Nazi Germany. under his orders the Holocaust was carried out, exterminating political rivals, jews, blacks and... well just look at the list of ethnicities hated by the KKK, and you get a pretty good idea of the people that were targeted. he was also a huge hipprocrit, as he didn't even fit his philosophy that " the blonder your hair and bluer your eyes, the more fit you are to rule the world". after around five years of country stomping and treaty breaking and rampent race based governing, in 1945, when his bunker started getting fired up by ally troops; he put a gun in his mouth and fired up, thus doing the one thing that the entire civilized world had been trying to accomplish: making Hitler bite the bullet.

additionally, believers in the Nostradamus prophecies believe him to be the second of three anti-Christ, the first being Napoleon Dynamite, no wait, that's wrong, his name was Napoleon Bonaparte. if these prophecies are in fact true, than obviously Hitler didn't listen when his big bro Bonaparte told him to bring winter clothes when conquering Russia. mankind will just have to wait and see if the third anti-Christ learned anything from his two older hell spawned brothers. let's pray hes just as incompetent in the end as they were
Ray "hey man, you know what they should do?"
Tim " what?"
Ray" they should like, make a big ass statue of the man who killed Hitler."
Tim "uh-huh..."
Ray " and they could like, gild it with gold and silver and shit, and -"
Tim " I don't know about gold and silver, but shit sounds just about right for it."
Ray "and they could put it in the middle of D.C., and children could take school field trips to see it, and learn about such an international hero."
Tim "Ray, do you know who killed Hitler?"
Ray " no, but it was some ally soldier, wasn't it"
Tim " no, no, it definitely wasn't an allied soldier"
Ray" then who-"
tim " he killed himself, you dumb ass."
by Random Blackman 1 February 17, 2014
popular roleplay outfit among interracial gay couples. costs about 10 bucks comes with the moustache, arm band, and swastika print g string.

neo-nazi skinheads and white power / aryan idealist groups continue to fuel the hitler roleplay industry with their racial angst and mischanneled youthful rage
dave and amir fulfilled their forbidden love fantasy with hitler and osama bin laden roleplay outfits

tyrone wanted more spontaneity in their relationship, so chris surprised him in a hitler outfit. but tyrone didnt take it well and they broke up, leaving chris hopelessly depressed

thumbs down if this happened to you
by westchedda October 30, 2011
A German dictator who had amazing leadership capabilities, but had many, many innocent Jews tortured and put to death.
He's the classic example of an hero.
Hitler is NOT cool, or funny.
by anherotaylor August 12, 2007
1. fascist bastard responsible for the killing of millions of innocent people.
2. the worst facial hair there is. if you go outside with a hitler moustache, you'll get your ass kicked by a hundred angry jews.
guy #1: hey, look at my new stache!
guy #2: you can't go out with that hitler moustache, you'll get your ass kicked!
by lalliman March 06, 2011
Major duchebag
"Hey lets kill 6 million jews even though i am half jewish"

"I like little boys"
"I killed Anne Frank"

Sincerely Hitler
by SIrmarcus November 16, 2010

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