A fairly disliked man by the Jewish, with a dead dog for a mustache
Wow! He is such a Hitler!
by Mrcoolgay36 May 20, 2016
Adolph Hitler Martinez was known for his unique charisma, personality and acts of charity towards the Jews, the Jewish were really dying of cold, cause the 40's were so freaking cold, so their good friend Hitler(yay :) ) offered them massive heated rooms but something went wrong with their thermostat so they ended dying fried like fucking corn dogs,(oopsies) this was called the Holocaust, the Holocaust is against the law now.

So because of that little incident people hated Hitler and wanted him dead, the yankees (US), the limeys (UK), the snail eaters (France), the commies (USRR) and even the aussies (AUS) were having fights around the world, because it wasn't very nice of Hitler. so they decided to play hide-and-seek but Hitler doesn't give up easily but once the Russian were calling for him , Hitler died of AIDS and WW2 ended.

The End.
Hitler was a hero , kind of like JFK or Goku
by Alexis P August 05, 2013
A useful tool in the last line of defence in any debate or argument. Born in 1888, Hitler lives to this day in the recesses of bankrupt discourse.
"Well, that's like something Hitler would say."
by BritishArrow September 03, 2011
He may be the worst person to ever live, but he's also the best rapper.
A rap from Hitler himself:

Torture or death
UNLESS you like jews
And if you are a jew
I'm like mussolini but stranger
When you mess with me your in danger
I'm gonna shove you ina gas chamber
part 2 coming soon!

AYEEEEEEE! zank you!

Yo This is rap no2 incase ya cant count
if your still confuzed i will gas you out
my name is mc hitler the dreaded dictator
the exterminator
but no longer do i persicute jews
I'm out ta get me some NOOBS
I'm gonna lure them in with my low post number
I may get knocked down but i'll get up like chumbawumba
With fists like thunder
i'll be draggin' noobs under
And dont you worry i'll make no blunders
I'm gonna harvest the noobs
liquidate them, shove them in tubes
and for years to come
they'll be used as lubes

by oh snap! January 15, 2006
A fairly disliked man by the Jewish, with a dead dog for a mustache
Wow! He is such a Hitler!
by Mrcoolgay36 May 20, 2016
A man with a kill death ratio of 1:12,000,000
Hitler caused the holocaust!
via giphy
by akdkjdkaj June 25, 2016
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