The one and only human being who ever came close to being as terrible as George W. Bush.
Man: "Yay! WWII is over! No more Hitler! We won't deal with this shit again 'til Bush!"
by jman5 December 15, 2010
He may be the worst person to ever live, but he's also the best rapper.
A rap from Hitler himself:

Torture or death
UNLESS you like jews
And if you are a jew
I'm like mussolini but stranger
When you mess with me your in danger
I'm gonna shove you ina gas chamber
part 2 coming soon!

AYEEEEEEE! zank you!

Yo This is rap no2 incase ya cant count
if your still confuzed i will gas you out
my name is mc hitler the dreaded dictator
the exterminator
but no longer do i persicute jews
I'm out ta get me some NOOBS
I'm gonna lure them in with my low post number
I may get knocked down but i'll get up like chumbawumba
With fists like thunder
i'll be draggin' noobs under
And dont you worry i'll make no blunders
I'm gonna harvest the noobs
liquidate them, shove them in tubes
and for years to come
they'll be used as lubes

by oh snap! January 15, 2006
Best COD player, 6 mil kills one death.
That guy is good at COD
Who is he, Hitler?
by WeAreTheOppositeOfAwesome March 20, 2015
A man you can compare anyone or anything you don't like to.

Do you disagree with someone? Is it especially concerning political views? Hitler is the ever-convenient figure you can always compare them to! Hitler's Nazi regime murdered 6 million Jews, and was responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people in World War II, making him the ultimate embodiment of human evil. But don't let those heavy details keep you from comparing him to anyone you disagree with, no matter how blatantly ignorant of history and disrespectful of his victims it makes you look.

Think government health care is wrong? No problem! Compare its proponents to Hitler. Does drilling oil offshore and in Alaska get under your skin? Just play the good old Hitler card against the drilling supporters. Hell, the comparison even works with rival sports teams you don’t like.

Photos of people you don't like or agree with can easily be "Hitlerized" with the simple addition of a small mustache and swept bangs on the forehead.
President Bush/Obama is just like Hitler because he started a war/gives good speeches.
by Crixxxx January 18, 2011
an ass-hole who was the dictator of Nazi Germany. under his orders the Holocaust was carried out, exterminating political rivals, jews, blacks and... well just look at the list of ethnicities hated by the KKK, and you get a pretty good idea of the people that were targeted. he was also a huge hipprocrit, as he didn't even fit his philosophy that " the blonder your hair and bluer your eyes, the more fit you are to rule the world". after around five years of country stomping and treaty breaking and rampent race based governing, in 1945, when his bunker started getting fired up by ally troops; he put a gun in his mouth and fired up, thus doing the one thing that the entire civilized world had been trying to accomplish: making Hitler bite the bullet.

additionally, believers in the Nostradamus prophecies believe him to be the second of three anti-Christ, the first being Napoleon Dynamite, no wait, that's wrong, his name was Napoleon Bonaparte. if these prophecies are in fact true, than obviously Hitler didn't listen when his big bro Bonaparte told him to bring winter clothes when conquering Russia. mankind will just have to wait and see if the third anti-Christ learned anything from his two older hell spawned brothers. let's pray hes just as incompetent in the end as they were
Ray "hey man, you know what they should do?"
Tim " what?"
Ray" they should like, make a big ass statue of the man who killed Hitler."
Tim "uh-huh..."
Ray " and they could like, gild it with gold and silver and shit, and -"
Tim " I don't know about gold and silver, but shit sounds just about right for it."
Ray "and they could put it in the middle of D.C., and children could take school field trips to see it, and learn about such an international hero."
Tim "Ray, do you know who killed Hitler?"
Ray " no, but it was some ally soldier, wasn't it"
Tim " no, no, it definitely wasn't an allied soldier"
Ray" then who-"
tim " he killed himself, you dumb ass."
by Random Blackman 1 February 17, 2014
Great leader who managed to take over a government and almost took over Europe. For this he should get the "crazy military leader of the forever award."
Hitler was a Bad Ass who most people refer to him as "crazy" but you have to ask yourself "WWHD" What Would Hitler Do?
by Scott on the hill November 04, 2007
A useful tool in the last line of defence in any debate or argument. Born in 1888, Hitler lives to this day in the recesses of bankrupt discourse.
"Well, that's like something Hitler would say."
by BritishArrow September 03, 2011

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