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CTxHC or C.T.H.C. is a shortened way to say Connecticut Hardcore. The term Connecticut Hardcore is used to define punk and hardcore punk bands out of the state of Connecticut. The term originated in the mid-80's when No Milk On Tuesday put out their first self titled 7" which featured a goat on the cover with CTXHC written on him.
Around this time, a compilation of Connecticut hardcore music came out on Incas Records called Connecticut Fun. The compilation featured bands such as the Vatican Commandos, 76%Uncertain, and Youth of Today.
On the front cover is a punk spray painting CTXHC on a wall, but continually walking and spray painting a police officer.
The scene's existence continues on today with bands such as Sadplant, Revolutionary SMUT, The Surrogates, Loud Youth, and Stomped On Sight! (just to name a few. there are others of course.) A compilation was put out in Summer of 2009 featuring many recent day local bands, entitled the CT Sucks Compilation.
Adjective: "Dude, I was at this crazy ass CTxHC show last night!"
Noun: "I've heard that CTxHC is pretty great."
Verb: "I just CTxHC'd that guy in the face!" (ok, verbs dont work)

Shorter definition: "CTxHC = Connecticut Hardcore punk"
by Mr.CTxHC October 15, 2009
A very dirty form of punk rock, usually characterized by offensive lyrics about rape, killing, sex, death, molestation, sodomy, sex this sex that etc etc etc.
Made famous by GG Allin.
GG Allin had a tattoo that said "Scumfuc" and so people decided that it'd be cool to use that term.

They were wrong because it became just another trend.
by Mr.CTxHC October 19, 2009
1. A word used to describe a scum bag.
2. A synonym for Walt Disney
3. A fascist dictator who ruled over Germany and caused World War II.
1. "Dude, John is such a fucking Hitler!"
2. Janie: "Hey Amy did you watch the Hitler Channel yesterday?"
Amy: "Fuck yeah! I love Disney!"
Janie: "Especially the Jonas Brothers! They're so gay! <3"
3. Hitler was a dirty fucking cunt.
by Mr.CTxHC October 15, 2009

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