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The act of raising one's eye-brows in a provocative manner, suggesting the initiation of an act of sexual congress
'Dude are you hinking me or do you just have tourettes?'

"You can stop hinking at me, I know what you're talkin' about! Let's go upstairs"
by hinking August 20, 2009
verb - thinking of someoe in a very sensual way, almost as if they were you love bird....
i was just hinking of you
and for those of you who dont know
thinking- verb- to think about about some one is a sensual way, as if they were your love bird
by haardt December 12, 2003
The act of artificially heightening others' desirability of oneself in terms of looks and charisma.
-Hey, that girl in the red dress at the bar looks pretty hot.
-Nah, you're getting fooled. If you look closer, you'll realize she's just hinking.
by Erik Andersen December 08, 2008

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