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When something is really funny but not quite funny enough to actually finish the word hilarious!
Todays Word of the Day is hilare!
by Melizssy August 14, 2010
7 1
short for hilarious.

Best used in abnormally shortened sentences.
not me: "So, at this office they offered me a soda, but I couldn't find an apprope time to drink it during the interview...
...and then I tried to get up, but tripped and started rolling down the stairs... I held onto my soda the whole time, so when I got up I had soda fizzing down my face!!"
me: "Hilare."
by julie bing February 17, 2005
40 12
internet slang for fucking funny (hilarious)
usually used sarcastically
or in a sarcastic tone but they still think its actually funny
girl: she was cute tho
girl: 2nd prettiest gal there
girl: next to me of course duh
guy: hilares
by WINGWANGWONG July 07, 2010
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