A disney movie that stars Zach Efron and a bunch of other 18-22 year olds that no one has really heard of.

It is the exact opposite what life is REALLY like. It has the same unoriginal plot that can be identified in most if not all Disney movies. (That is, the good guy always wins, the bullies get what they deserve, the two main characters fall madly in love)

Nonetheless, its a good movie to watch if you're looking for some lame jokes, catchy music, and a happy ending.
Zach Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens characters don't even kiss in High school Musical. How stupid is that?
by katie was here August 02, 2007
The movie that God wished that wouldn't have happened.

A movie that has populated the small minds of 12 year old children.

Also look up the movie Grease for inspiration.
God: "High School Musical? We need John Travolta in there. Zac Efron is just.. ugh."
by Ayeedrian November 03, 2007
A crap, overrated movie that contains annoying songs, yet they get stuck to your head and a cheesy plot where there's a happy ending and the 2 main characters end up together.
Disney's lame representation of high school where there are no problems in life and you end up with the person you fall in love with, and people are told to "stick to their status quo" instead of trying something new.
Kid: *watching Disney channel and dancing along to High School Musical*

HSM freak: *singing in hallway* We're all in this together once we know--
Dude: STFU.
HSM freak2: I have a HSM binder, stickers, pencil case, dolls, and --
Dude: I'll burn them all!
by Stealth! April 08, 2008
A cheesy take on the american high school teen movie, the sort of thing that plays on american teenager stereotypes. also seems to be very pro status quo (in america) its pretty shameless at its message really ie "stick to the stus quo" (part of the soundtrack)
high school musical - "if you wanna be cool follow one simple rule
dont mess with the flow oh nooo,
stick to the status quoooooo...."

idiot - hey cant argue with that, im gonna be a good boy and do all my homework and one day grow up to be a
scientist woooh.

someone else - learn to live.
by EtotheUAN November 26, 2007
A, for some unknown reason, hit movie. It was obviously written by old people who have no recollection of what highschool was about. I've been in highschool 3 years and have yet to see someone act like Sharpay. You can assume anyone who watches this has an uncle who makes them dress up like the opposite sex and sit on his lap.
High School Musical is proof the human race is degressing. This fact is not up for debate.
by MadisonDemetra May 15, 2008
An awful trilogy of movies marketed by Disney. I think they're supposed to be some knock-off, kid friendly, version of Fame, or Grease (not that Grease was anything special to begin with). Has a regrettably catchy soundtrack, and shows a diamond ecnrusted version of highschool. Take close notice, if you're ever unfortunate enough to lay eyes upon the thing, that most of the kids are white, rich, and preppy. Often induces vomiting, bleeding of the ears and/or eyes, and permanent mental trauma. Consult your doctor before viewing these films.
Eight Year Old Girl: Mommy! High School Musical is on! I want to be just like Gabriella when I grow up!

Mother: Oh, where did I go wrong?
by Ocean_Potion_Malfunction February 22, 2009
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