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A, for some unknown reason, hit movie. It was obviously written by old people who have no recollection of what highschool was about. I've been in highschool 3 years and have yet to see someone act like Sharpay. You can assume anyone who watches this has an uncle who makes them dress up like the opposite sex and sit on his lap.
High School Musical is proof the human race is degressing. This fact is not up for debate.
by MadisonDemetra May 15, 2008
Recently been watered down to just another HotTopic kid favourite. Just like Evanescence, Slipknot and Greenday. Regardless, some of his songs are still pretty good.
Do I like Marilyn Manson? In terms of his music? Yes. In terms of him? No.
by MadisonDemetra May 16, 2008
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