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Gender: Female
Pronounced: Gah-bree-EL-ah (Italian)

Italian and Hungarian form of Gabriel. Originally Hebrew.

Gabriella's posses strong and attractive personalities. They either fall into the sensitive, shy, gentle and patient category. Or the exhibitionist and lively aura. Both mend and tend to be loyal and honest beings. They are frank (friendly) and humanitarian among others. Their originality and inventive personalities draw many in. They are on another perceptive fairly independent on some terms. They enjoy showing off their intellectual status and humorous remarks every once in awhile. Whenever they express themselves emotionally or spiritually, you would know. They are nearly always clear minded, concise and logical.

Gabriella's do not give themselves easily. However, once they do decide that one is worthy of their friendship or love, they can exert an almost hypnotic and irresistible attraction on them and are willing to sacrifice anything for them.

On the dark side.. they are somewhat perverse and unpredictable. They are intractable or contrary sometimes and if you let them they become detached from their surroundings.

She is strength in God, and Loved by Him.
Gabriella was a given gift.

Gabriella, look out for the dinosaurs!
by stardust poptarts May 01, 2009
the best thing since slice bread.
basically she is amazing!
guy1 - woh did you see gabriella tonight?
guy2 - yeh she looked fine
by simonthepieman01 January 26, 2009
Gabriella: someone who is trustworthy. honest and is the best friend possible. is beautiful, amazing, wonderful and funny. Gabriellas give amazing hugs and kisses! and are very talented. they are the best girlfriends. Gabriellas are all around awesome people!
Gabriella is my girlfiend =)
by The Pinja November 27, 2010
A Gabriella is a smart, amazing, funny, caring, athletic, sensitive person. She is great at Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball, and Football. She is an incredible runner and can run faster than the wind. She is the best friend that you could ever ask for. She is beautiful and exels in every class. She loves to read. She can be a bit shy at times, but once you get to know her she is AMAZING! I love all Gabriellas!
Whos that incredible runner?

Must be a Gabriella!
by Beaversoftheworldunite! December 11, 2010
gabriellas are one of the most sweetest, generous girls you'll ever meet. Unlike other individuals, gabriellas learn from thier mistakes! They have an amazing personality and are easy to talk to about absolutely anything! They is original and independant. However they are somewhat perverse and unpredictable which usually leads to bad things but can be good.
"did you talk to gabriella today"
"yeah man her personality is amazing!"
by jstlydaht December 11, 2012
Gabriella long for Gabby or Gabi
Gabriella's are usually quiet and shy but when you get to know them they are really fun, hyper, trust worthy, and a very good friend. Gabriella's tend to be very pretty and lots of guys like her. But she would never cheat. They tend to have brown or redish brown hair and brown or green eyes. They like animals and kids. Gabriella's don't like drama or like to talk about people behind peoples back. If you need a good friend go find a Gabriella they are amazing friends. I would know i have to friends named Gabriella and they are both like this.
Person 1: Have you meet the new girl Gabriella
Person 2: Yeah she is so nice
by its my world my life May 18, 2014
A wonderful girl with a banging body. She's either a ginger or really scary. But she's really smart, has a wonderful heart and is just as awesome as raisin bread.
Have you met Gabriella?
Yeah, she's scrumptous like raisin bread.
by thatisnotmynamejk October 18, 2012
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