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A rough form of fellatio, characterized by low skill level on the part of the giver. The act is characterized by rough, rapid and boringly repetitive motion. The giver is attempting to cover her lack of skill through more intense, albeit more basic stimulation. This act is sometimes called a "caveman". Compare to python fellatio and porn star fellatio.
She looks smokin' hot, like she knows what she's doin', but once you get her home the best she can pull off is a hiffy.
by ShepSchultz April 05, 2015
To get shit faced, wasted, drunk, or just fucked up.
Are we gettin hiffy tonight?
by crazyyydactly January 22, 2011
a nigga that is on one...getting it crackin
gettin all up in somebody's face just reppin and talkin mad shit..gettin hiffy and gettin it crackin
by Duke October 20, 2003
a toke on a reefer
have a hiffy on a jiffy
by Ed May 04, 2003
hiffy is a word to say like you are looking good today.
yo those sneakas look hiffy yo.
by XXXXXX April 09, 2005

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