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4 definitions by XXXXXX

A place where education is essential, pronunciation is perfect, behavior is at its best, and achievment is anticipated. And i have never lied soo much in my life. hahaha. Haldane is a prison located in the projects of Cold Spring. School shootings occure once every 5 minutes and the percentage of making it through you first day at Haldane is 1%.
Haldane, worse then sing sing.
by xxxxxx January 15, 2004
strawberry hills is used for street drug cald crack
you i want a bigg ass pack of strawberry hills
by XXXXXX April 09, 2005
downey a word used for the street drug cald crack.
yo gimme some of that shit downey
by XXXXXX April 09, 2005
hiffy is a word to say like you are looking good today.
yo those sneakas look hiffy yo.
by XXXXXX April 09, 2005