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An irritating sort of person who laughs all the time, even when it's inappropriate. Like Doctor Hibbert on the Simpsons.
My ex-girlfriend was a total Hibbert... by the time we broke up I was ready to kill her if I had to hear that stupid laugh even one more time.
by random dog March 03, 2008
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To describe someone as an Hibberts is to liken them to a member of a family of fools,known throughout the locality for there all round incompetence , stupidity and gullability.
Neighbours of mine,'70's Manchester.
Not like that, you Hibberts!
by nick barnie January 30, 2005
Hibbert; Noun.

1.a dirty sket who's only home is at the bottom of a fucking trash can!

2.A girl who never washes

3.A girl who is not going to leeds

'That girls a hibbert!'

'Some dirty bloody hibberts went to that party last night!'
by Jordan Howardlololol May 12, 2008

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