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An alternate and vastly superior spelling of the word Hecksa or Heckza.
When used correctly, the word hexa can leave a much bigger impact than either hecksa or hellsa. However, the value of the word only comes into effect if the person using hexa truly means to use hexa, and not hecksa.
In some documented cases, the simple introduction of the word hexa can cause a lasting state of enlightenment.
It is rumoured that the spelling of hexa originated in the frigid, barren tundra of Vancouver Island, Canada.
(Generic Name #1) from Canada: Gee, riding our polar bears sure is fun, eh?
(Generic Name #2) from Canada: Oh yeah, eh. It's hexa good.

Father: Son, because you didn't clean your room, you are not allowed to watch T.V. for a week.
Son: It's not fair! *Sob* I hate you hexa lots!
Father: This is the last straw son! You have gone too far. Your mother and I are disowning you.

Bystander: Police! Did you see that man get hit by that bus!?
Police Officer: Yes. He got pwned hexa hard.
by Hobbes897 March 05, 2009
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word in place of "hella" and "hecka". see "hella" or "hecka"
that's hexa cool.
by jane ho May 28, 2003

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