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A dog, especially in the countryside. Of course, that's because they announce a visitor like a doorbell usually does.
These hillbilly doorbells really know a federal when they smell one, huh? ("Justified" TV series)
by Cosimo72 September 17, 2011
6 4
on a girls body wat a boy pushes

Last night my boy friend pushed my doorbells.
by Lillian Gordy August 10, 2005
3 4
You grab your partners penis roll your other hand into a fist and hit his balls and pull his dick at the same time while yelling out DING DONG!!
Doorbelling my boyfriend is a lot of fun.
by Moko55 December 12, 2008
22 27
when ur doin a girl doggy style n rite b4 ur about to shoot u pull out n shoot up her ass
Little billy and sally went into sally's dads cornfield and performed a door bell
by Animal Mother July 21, 2006
4 9
Punching your partner in the butthole during doggy style sex.
Yeah,I rang that broad's doorbell
by Robbq December 01, 2006
19 37