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Used like hecka(see Hecka) but for a much stronger application, or when trying to really get your point across. Traced to Tsubouchi, and the East Bay.
1st person "Did you see that flipped over car on the freeway? That was hecka crazy!"
2nd person "No,that shit was on fire too, it was
HECKSA crazy!!"
#heksa #hexsa #hecsa #hecksaa #hexsaa
by guru_ January 10, 2006
a word that replaces 'hella' to use in front of parents who frown upon the use of swear words. is frowned upon when used in front of friends
Me: "Mom, did you see that touchdown?"

Mom: "Yes name deleted, I did..."

Me: "That was hecksa tight!!"
#hecksa #hella #heksa #hecsa #heckza #hecza #hekza
by sgt. el-sammo August 26, 2008
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