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A misspelled version of friend, also meaning friend.

(First used in 2002 using AOL Messenger by Paul B.)
You are my best frined.
by Paul B Baker April 02, 2007
Frineds are great! They are better than Friends! they are your close friends. Frineds are the people that come into your head when someone says; "who are your best friends?" . These AREN'T your best friends , these are Frineds
Dave : Bob, your my frined!

Bob : Really? Thanks man!
by AsH-is-in-love August 19, 2008
turbo2nr's slang version of the word friend. Also see buddy
the probe is on its last breaths, its like losing your best frined.
by SiGNAL748 February 13, 2005
Likened to hastily add a friend, even though he's not a friar and his name's not Ned.
Dear frined, looky here, you say you're not Ned, but haven't we met somewhere before, as in shared the same bed?
by Hercolena Oliver May 05, 2008
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