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Someone who goes after chubbier girls because they are often easier to have sex with.

Often after saying 'herdsman' you can often hear people going 'HYAH! 'hyah!" which is the sound a herdsman makes while herding.

(From Season 2 Episode 10 of The League)
Dude that guy used to go for all the fat chicks. What a herdsman! HYAH!
by Lesgomez November 20, 2010
Someone who only fucks fat girls, so the group of girls that he has fucked looks like a herd of cows.
See "The League"

Particularly the episode form season two where Ruxin's old highschool nickname "The Herdsman" is brought up

Parker: Did you hear about Tim's new girlfriend

Ian: Yea, shes huge...

Parker: And the Herdsman adds another to his herd
by xflashback November 20, 2010
When an attractive human male engages in sexual activity with ugly female specimen because they are often easier to get with.
The herdsman took one for the team hooking up with that grenade.
by HerbsofSIG February 24, 2012
herdsman is someone who herds and looks after a group of animals as his job.
We saw a flock of sheep,watched by a herdsman on horseback. ÎÒÃÇ¿´µ½Ò»ÈºÑò£¬ÓÉÒ»¸öÆïÂíµÄÄÁÃñ·ÅÄÁ×Å¡£
by yunzh May 19, 2005

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