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An unfortunate event that occurs when you are deficating in a toilet and water splashes into your Anus because of your fecal matter's plunge into the depths. The water often sucks up into your sphincter, leaving you with a distrubingly cool sensation.
The height from my anus to the toilet water was a long drop, so naturally I expected to get a Fitzgerald.
by Keith K. Marowitz April 05, 2011
Name given to a man being caught with their pants down in the gents with another gentleman in the same cubicle
I'm dying for a crap but the only cubicle has a couple of fitzgeralds in it
by JasonDick June 07, 2011
When one is stricken with red hair and a terrible hunger.
I wanted to go out but I looked in the mirror and relised I was Fitzgerald.
by Professor Rangar September 14, 2006
When an anus experiences a combination of leakage and sweat build up. a "juicy asshole"
Dude my cornhole is so juicy right now, i think i have a full blown Fitzgerald
by C. Harrell December 07, 2008
An insanely awesome person that is typically known for their attractive body, good taste in design, intelligence, and athleticism. They know how to make a good chicken dinner and can eat potatoes at every meal regardless of any other food is being served at the time.
Hey, look at those kids run, they must be Fitzgeralds.
by thefitzinator August 09, 2011