Hell is a place where our "souls" will be tortured for eternity. However, torture is the practice of inducing large amounts of pain and pain is simply electrical impulses traveling along nerves in our body where they are interpreted in the brain as pain, so pain is something that can only be experienced by a physical being. Luckily, our "Souls" don't have nerves or brains so are not susceptible to the feeling of pain.
We will all be dead before we get the chance to experience hell.
by CharlieW5025 August 19, 2008
Earth. This is hell. We all have to become christians and get out. If not, we reincarnate. Eventually after a couple thousand life times we'll reach nirvana, or hell, or whatever the point of existance is. =) "Better luck next time!"
We're in "hell" right now.
by heeeeheeeeeeee April 03, 2007
Eternal Damnation, satan, fire, and evil are all good descriptive words of hell.

Your ex, baby mama, baby daddy, child support, and alomony are also good descriptive words of hell
Jarrod made a stupid choice, now he is in hell.
by BETTY CROCKER June 27, 2006
Being in a school in which one has to listen to paranoid liberal and communist as well as occasionally democrat ramblings about how the Masons control the world and that all conservatives are really a race of Martians bent on taking away our right to buy pre-paid phone cards. When in reality all liberal/socialist teachers are in fact a race known only as the assgoblins.
"Oh god... Don't make me go to hell! No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Just then a nuclear ICBM hits Hell and explodes destroying the liberal assgoblins inside and freeing the world so us Martians can finally take away your pre-paid phone cards.
by Merchant August 07, 2005
Consider the following: Earth.
Your not living in heaven.
Life on earth is hurtful, mean, tormenting.
by Satan February 11, 2005
A place where I am going.
See you down there! I hope you realize that just about everyone is going to hell.
by SparkleyPony The Original December 17, 2004
anyplace that sucks
girl: time to return to hell.
boy: why does yours start so early again?
girl: to make it more torturous.
by hot-holton-punk December 11, 2004

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