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A university created by the federal government in 1946 located in Canberra, Australia.Has a quite large campus with lots of nice trees and big concrete balls on the ground.According to the Times it's ranked 16th in the world (the first in Australia), thereby making it the best university in Australia. A somewhat rival is the University of Canberra. Has a good reputation, but still a bit... iffy. Abbreviated to 'ANU'. This leads to many hilarious acronyms and abbreviations (for example: "Australian National University Student" become "ANUS").
Dude #1: "Hey dude, what uni do you go to?"
Dude #2: "The Australian National University."
Dude #1: "Awesome."
Dude #2: "Yeah, better than UC."
Dude #1: "Hey, I go to UC!"
Dude #2: "Awesome."
by medi48 April 05, 2008
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