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A way for people to make stupid/boring/embarrassing comments to bland/stupid/embarrassing people.
Embarrassing + Stupid + boring: I've got a BIG COCK
Embarrassing + Stupid: LOL I RoXoR jOO nOOB
by D.iode May 31, 2003
A place that everyone hates while they're there...and looks back with nostalgia when they realise how **** their job is.
"Those were the days..."
Above quote = wrong.
The school teachers had canes, Were even more uninventive than today, Needed fewer qualifications to become teachers etcetcetc...
by D.iode May 31, 2003
Bird with a hooked beak, large claws, red eyes, scales, a large head...

Faces mirror: Argh I've got a hooked beak, red eyes, a large head...
I must be...a curlew!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by D.iode May 31, 2003
Cunning beast that is fleeting, difficult to catch and uses various camouflage techniques to fool the 'hunter' into having caught it.
Overconfidence does not make you funny.
Saying something stupid is NOT the same as saying something funny.
However, being stupid yourself is a sure guide to get a few condescending laughs (this takes into account both of the above).
by D.iode May 31, 2003
A place that was firmly believed until the 18th century.

Contains the devil and an assortium of other lovely critters that are easy to translate to 32bit images on computer games.
I died and went to hell.

I died in hell after meeting that b****** diablo.
by D.iode May 31, 2003
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