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My ex-girlfriend
1) a slut
2) a liar
3) a backstabber
4) the area just inside the anus
5) to really fuck up
6) to cheat without remorse
7) to be selfish beyond reason
8) to screw people over
My Hedlund really itches, i must be getting a hemorrhoid.

I just failed out of college, cheated on my boyfriend, and lied to my family...man am a real Hedlund.

Here, let me take all your money while I save mine to spend on me and my friends, oops..I just pulled a Hedlund.

Ill make sure to have you go out of your way to visit me, call me, hang out with me, then Ill just dump you because...I need space. What can I say..Im a Hedlund.
by JC May 21, 2004

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