By ´heavy´ i dont mean fat, or over weight. I´m reffering to those awesome kids in your class who have their feet on the tables and are listening to korn, slipknot, metallica, and any other good heavy metal bands. They are simaler to ¨Metal Heads¨ exept for metal heads listen to any type of Metal. They also usually have piercings.

You will find alot of heavys at your local music stores, or sometimes at hot topic. They are more commonly known in argentina.

Music is usually their religion, and they rather not listen to anyone.
People who listen to Korn, Slipknot, Metallica, Megadeath, heavy metal.
by Twisted by the music May 21, 2010
the opposite of light ... duh!
by breadbin October 30, 2003
Something that his straight up raw, cool, awesome etc.
Me: Dude check out that new Meek Mill album
Steve: I know bruh that shit is HEAVY my nigga!
by K Prod August 22, 2014

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