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A thumping organ, pulled by one miny unicorn, thumping her magical horn against the mucosy wall of your body. it soon grows tried.. adn often faints, causing death or a stroke. unicorn repracments are rare, and some people must get pace makers: they never feel the magic afterwards.

If you ever feel a kick, dont fight it... just know it is a mini unicorn, fueling your soul.
the heart is in a land of wonder... after you die
by Georgia Lee Bean April 27, 2007
Elizabethan slang for the vagina
"Thy heart is tight and wet"
by Sir Willis the Fifteenth August 07, 2006
A phrase used to show love for another, especially as a goodbye. Usually followed by an exclamation point.
John: Why you be frontin', Mary?
Mary: Sorry, John, I gotta go! Hearts!
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
The thing you give to someone when you "love" them. Giving it to someone makes you vulnerable to them and open to whatever pain they dish out to you. Definitely a weakness that lets people take advantage and control over you, possibly sending you through a roller coaster of emotional pain/happiness. However, if their heart is given back to you, then you are given to opportunity to revenge if they do something to your heart. Or... you can both cherish each others hearts and live a great life... until something happens... but till then, enjoy.
Boy: Baby, I wanna give you my heart
Girl : OMG I love you too

2 months later...

Boy: wow... I can't believe I let her control me like that
by cloudsabove June 17, 2009
Played-out sportscaster buzzword. Used as a weak compliment to a player or team's stamina or courage when faced with a snowball's chances in Hell of succeeding.
HOWIE LONG: You know, the Bengals suck in every possible way. They have no talent, no coaching, and they play in Cincinnati.

TERRY BRADSHAW: Yeah, but they got heart! Wooo-hoooo! Yessiree, sweet Jimmy-Bob cornbread in th' outhouse!

HOWIE LONG: Dumbass.
by Mook July 16, 2003
something that guys lack
"my boyfriend has no heart. i told him that i loved him and he broke up with me"
by a person123 January 17, 2008
n: not in literal/physical sense something that people conjure up in their minds which makes them feel that it is somehow affected by love and whenever something bad happens, usually in a romantic relationship, it gets "broken" but more correctly it is not their heart that has been broken, but their definition of the "love" that comes from their "heart"
he broke her heart and she swore she never truly knew love
by mizz hunni June 28, 2003