a hollow, muscular organ in a vertebrate animal that recieves blood from the veins and pumps it through the arteries by alternate dilation and contraction.
heart attack! GA!
by kb July 05, 2003
Action of loving something inspiring.
"I heart this dress"
by Neonvelcromadame November 06, 2015
A word used in every Mumford and Sons song
Can you lie next to her, and give her your heart
Weep little lion man you'll never be what is in your heart
And my heart told my head, let love grow
It's empty in the valley of your heart
How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes
A stoic mind and a bleeding heart
Oh my heart shall bleed right again
And use my head alongside my heart
by NikIsASwellGuy July 23, 2013
verb, unserious way of expressing your love, used between friends, between boy friend and girl friend with out the seriousness of the l-word, and when someone you dont really know saves your ass
Alli: Shit! I forgot to do that packet for history!

Katelyn: Here girl copy mine

Alli: OMG i heart you!
by texmex013 April 09, 2009
Phrase used to a close letters, notes, or e-mails between good friends. Invented by me.
Dear Spencer,

Today me and my friends.........

by Christina Bush August 29, 2008
The thing you give a girl and you hope that you're worthy of her love, because the amount of shit she gets from other guys, it's amazing that she'll even accept anyone's heart in the first place. So if she does, fuck dude, you are lucky, and you need to realize how much it truely means to her, and treat it as such. Because, really, they're stronger than you. Or me. Get over it.
Here. I wanted you to have this. My heart.
by pieman69 June 14, 2008
Someone that is cared for; a lover or close friend.
"Got a project chick, that plays her part
And if it goes down y'all that's my heart" - Jay-Z

"Yo man, I loved that nigga O too
That was my motherfuckin heart" - The Notorious B.I.G.
by Johhny Ro June 03, 2006
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