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A girls name, usually associated with a cute but hot girl. A girl who has a lot of friends, and almost every boy wants her but she doesn't believe it. She may come on shy, and quiet at first but once you get to know her she is very loud, and fun. She can make anybody laugh. She is beautiful, but doesn't know it. She has a short temper, and you might not wanna get on her bad side. Most of the time she is nice, and very smart. She doesn't care what others say about her because she knows they are just jealous. So to sum everything up, Hayley is a girl who almost everybody loves, she is beautiful but doesn't believe it, she is shy at first but she turns out to be loud, she is funny, fun, smart and nice, you don't wanna get on her bad side, she doesn't care what others say, she is pretty much carefree.
Guy 1: Hey, do you know that one girl Hayley?
Guy 2: Yeah, she is a babe.
Guy 1: Yeah, she is amazing.
by Bob Is Better Then You March 16, 2014
A perfect blonde and blue eyed girl who has long hair and beautiful eyes. She is easy to love with all her gorgeousness and popularity. Everybody loves a hayley and wants to live just like them. even be a hayley! they love animals and are nice to everybody if they are nice to them. they aren't afraid to get down and dirty and will throw a punch if needed.
person1) whoa do i see her?!
person2) shes such a hayley.
person1) shes a perfectly, beautiful girl in every way!
by awesome best friend April 14, 2013
A Woman with an extremely large amount of pubic hairs.
Person 1: I saw her Bush and I got the hell out of that house.
Person 2: So, she was a Hayley?
by littlenid123 September 16, 2013
A girl who attracts males with small penises.
Friend 1: Hayley, you really need to invest in a strap-on... These situations happen far too often.
Friend 2: Maybe you should start having sex with guys with big hands...
by SexyOliveTree March 12, 2011
A girl who sucks way too much dick.
Guy 1: "I got a blow last night, it was alright."
Guy 2: "Was the girl's name Hayley?"
Guy 1: "Dude how'd you know?"
Guy 2: "They suck a lot of dick."
by Dicksucker_8080803 September 24, 2011
A blonde haired, blue eyed girl, most likely plays soccer, she is a thirteen-year-old town whore, she will most likely hit on older men, christopher, skylar or one of her coaches or counsellors, she lives in the country with her sister, brother, father and mother, she is the kind of girl to say she will take shots but pussy out.
Ethan- I dated a hayley once.
Jack- You poor thing.
by timbobjoemerlintom August 02, 2011
Is a whorebag. There is no other word that fits her perfectly besides trashy. She will drink a lot and then become sloppy, almost always throwing up and crying over nothing. This person is not only going no where in life, but just gives females every where a bad name. By the way, this is the one person positively born without a brain.
Hayley's head is in a toilet and puke all over her mouth, "Can i spread my legs for your boyfriend? Oh by the way bro, I failed all my TAKS test."
by L.W.234 May 24, 2011