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A poorly spelled version of "girl".
Fuckwit123: OMG I LOKIN 4 A GRIL 2 CYBER W/!!!111
Ricket: I don't know any grills, but I do know a stove. Nothin' says lovin' like you cyber penis and an oven.
by Johnny Rocketfingers November 13, 2003
How every kid I knew spelled "girl" until around 7th grade
Gril... That annoyed the hell out of me because I learned how to spell "girl" in kindergarten
by Trishelle April 02, 2006
acronym for "gonna read it later" often found on social media
"GRIL but this article on Mongolian throat singing looks fascinating"
by bat020 March 30, 2015
Apparently the way football players that attended EMU in 1997 spelled girls.
Note passed: I have not seen you grils in a long time.
by Tanika P March 22, 2007
When looking at a person from head to toe for how they look. Or if the person is hot and sexy for how they look.
"Yo,I'm grilling a girl over there!"
by Kalfan April 09, 2008
A gril is an african american woman with a grill(those retarded gold/diamond teeth)
Ey Yo Yolanda, whadup gril?!
by CaptainCrackers April 07, 2010
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