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A poorly spelled version of "girl".
Fuckwit123: OMG I LOKIN 4 A GRIL 2 CYBER W/!!!111
Ricket: I don't know any grills, but I do know a stove. Nothin' says lovin' like you cyber penis and an oven.
by Johnny Rocketfingers November 13, 2003
143 61
How every kid I knew spelled "girl" until around 7th grade
Gril... That annoyed the hell out of me because I learned how to spell "girl" in kindergarten
by Trishelle April 02, 2006
64 37
A gril is an african american woman with a grill(those retarded gold/diamond teeth)
Ey Yo Yolanda, whadup gril?!
by CaptainCrackers April 07, 2010
52 40
When looking at a person from head to toe for how they look. Or if the person is hot and sexy for how they look.
"Yo,I'm grilling a girl over there!"
by Kalfan April 09, 2008
38 27
Apparently the way football players that attended EMU in 1997 spelled girls.
Note passed: I have not seen you grils in a long time.
by Tanika P March 22, 2007
19 8