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Hayley are generally incredibly sweet girls and will always go out of their way for absolutely everyone. They are very loyal and take friendship very seriously. They pretend they don't care at all about what others think, but in reality their life revolves around pleasing others. They are usually short, and blonde, and because of this are usually termed 'cute', much to their dislike. However, as soon as you cross a Hayley, you are doomed as they are very fierce enemies and don't forgive easily. They are mostly found at the beach, and are extremely intelligent. Hayleys usually have a very sarcastic dry sense of humor, but because of their niceness, it is overlooked.
Person 1: Ohhh I love Hayley, she is the SWEETEST person. She gave me a chocolate yesterday just because she knew I was feeling down.
Person 2: Yeah, but did you see how she treated that person who was nasty to her friend? I'd hate to be on her bad side!
by It's true. June 18, 2011
202 105
Very smart, sarcastic and one of the best friends you will have a chance to get. If you know a Hayley consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky because they are WAY nice, sweet and very beautiful. They can make everyone laugh and be a girl who acts like they don't care what's going on, but they really do. Lots of guys like them but they dont always realize it. They tend to overlook things, but they always be at your side no matter what

I have a best friend named Hayley, and I love her to death(:
Person 1: Do you know where I can find a nice friend that'll always be with me?

Hayley: Idk.. She could be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Person 1: I love your sarcasm Hayley(:
by A best friend of a Hayley February 10, 2012
164 71
Hayley is a beautiful girl that everyone can't help but love. She's blonde, has blue eyes, and is super loyal! She can keep a secret and never backs down. She's funny, smart, and a freakin ninja. She loves music and animals. If you ever have a chance to be her friend, do it. You'll never have such an amazing person in your life. She'd take a bullet, knife, punch, you name it! for you in a second! Don't ever let her go, as you will forever regret it.

She's into reading and is an amazing writer(:

I have a friend Hayley and I love her to death!<3
Girl1: Isn't Hayley just the best friend EVER?
Girl2: YES! We're hangin out this weekend. SO EXCITED!
Girl1: Uggh, you lucky!
by LightFlysWithTheFlock November 05, 2011
166 91
The most beautiful girl in the world. She is amazingly creative and has big gorgeous eyes that you can get lost in. She will sacrifice anything for her family and maybe a tad crazy at times. You learn to love it and everything about her.
hey whats your new girl friend's name
your a lucky man
by quartermasterb December 18, 2011
71 25
A kind, sometimes shy and quiet girl who has a massive heart and really cares for people. She's only her true self around people she trusts, and that's when she's confident and loud. She's a beautiful girl inside and out, but doesn't believe it at all. Her eyes are the window to her soul, one look and you know how she's feeling and her thoughts. They usually have a sparkle of life, and they're a beautiful colour. She's curvy, which is sexy, but she thinks that she's fat. She rarely has anyone telling her that she's beautiful, so make sure to compliment her.
"Hey, whose that girl sitting in the back corner of the room?"
"Oh, that's Hayley."
"Damn, she's stunning."
"I know, but she's crazy shy. See the way she's a hiding herself from the room?"
"But she's really adorable."
"Go talk to her then."
"Wow, she's beautiful. Her eyes are amazing. I'm gonna go talk to her."
by thehazdawg April 27, 2013
27 0
Beautiful girl, very intelligent, always happy, knows how to make everyone's day better, cheerful, loving, caring, great friend, knows how to party, always classy, great sister, and always makes an outstanding little sister.
Any girl would be lucky to have Hayley as a friend!
by Onbrown May 31, 2012
26 2
Hayley is the hottest girl around. She has gorgeous long hair, a banging body, and a personality to match it all. She has the most stunning and sexy eyes that you could look into for hours, and hair that every girl is envious of. Hayley has big, perky boobs and a round, voluptuous butt that every guy drools over. When Hayley walks down the street, every one stops to stare at her incredible beauty and hottness. When someone approaches a Hayley, they realize that her beauty is even more in her heart. Hayley is the kindest and most caring person one can meet. But she still has a feisty side, and loves to tell jokes and be sarcastic. This feisty and wild side comes out in the bedroom more than anywhere else. Hayley is the best sex partner you will EVER have in bed. She loves sex and will go all night long, and keep you going late into the morning. Every man dreams of a Hayley. Hayley is the best thing that will have happened to you, if you're lucky enough to get her.
Guy: "Whoa did you just see that chick walk by?"

Guy2: "Yeah dude, she must've been a Hayley."

Guy: "Why's that?"

Guy2: "Her ass, tits, body... all of it! She must've been a Hayley."
by MR.GQ145673 February 27, 2012
27 13