Pulling a hayes is getting stuck up a hill during icy conditions, thus sliding backwards and crashing
During our wrestling trip, our coach pulled a hayes and we all prayed
by Andrew and joel February 26, 2009
A girl with one tit or one tit bigger than the other
I was gonna fuck this girl in Huntsville Alabama once but she was a hayes.
by David November 19, 2004
A word of endearment. First used by a fake basketball playing numnuts who couldn't remember his damn lines at the Black Man's assembly. Instead of reciting his lines like he was supposed to, he instead used words on stage such as "Oh Snap" and "as...as...as." Due to his theatrical incapabilities, he made all of the brothas look like fools in front of the whole audience. And after the performance, he finally spat out a word that everyone could decipher "hayes" and reached for a nice comfy shoulder to cry on. Therefore, the word HAYES is a term for those who would rather cry after the performance than take care of business.

"Hayes, I I I fuked up"

"Hayes :("
by Ass Blasters vol. 6 March 03, 2005
gross, disgusting, ugly, fat, funny looking, and nasty
the fat kids stomach is so hayes!!
by SHAYNE1990 November 14, 2006

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