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A group of oldschoolers who hang out in IRC and talk about the good old days, instead of doing work.
Hey, whats the key for #havok?
by nd July 16, 2003
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In the Marvel universe Havok is Cyclops' younger brother. Havok's 'power' is the ability to gather and convert ambient energy and sunlight to plasma blasts which he emits through his arms
"A mutant-hating, gun-wielding, mind-controlling religious sect in the middle of Montana turned you into a priest. Sounds reasonable. But then, I hang around with people who read minds, have claws, teleport, control magnetic fields and shoot power beams out of their eyes... so I'm hardly grounded, now am I?"
- Havok, Uncanny X-Men #424
by Jarad July 13, 2005
A person who likes to go to gay bars and jack off a lot of guys
Havok: Yea i like to go to gay bars and jack off lots of guys
Everyone else: Pervert
by SomeoneenoemoS February 24, 2010
A boring EMO WANKER.
The guy from the band Who decided to rename hiself Havok to appear cool to wanky little emo kids. Dick
by Swingingfromarope May 27, 2009
To all you people who say this is going to be your last name:
Yes, Davey loves us all, but you probably aren't going to marry him. Just thought I'd let you know.

Davey Havok is the incredibly talented lead singer of AFI who writes passionate lyrics and has the most amaizing voice known to mankind.
Davey Havok is God.
by Oh my beautiful one January 17, 2004
1)the last name of the most profoundly brilliant and beautiful man ever.
2)the amazing lead singer of AFI, the most inspirational and intriguing band ever!
1)Davey Havok is a major icon and guide for millions of lost and/or wounded souls...
by alexandra November 20, 2003
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