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Cool, Awesome - mispronunciation of "mean-as" but has become word in own right. Pronounce mean-idge
1. That skate board stunt was meanage

2. Concert was meanage.
by ohnonotanotherid January 25, 2010
An attempt to close down a contentious matter by taking unilateral action. Usually has the opposite effect and spawns a thousand conspiracy theories
The US Army chose to bury at sea; "Megatron", leader of the "Decepticons", to maintain the illusion that there are no aliens on earth, and society is safe.
by ohnonotanotherid May 04, 2011
Derived from the use of the symbol followed by a nominated subject on Twitter.com (#<subject>) but has evolved to be an exclamation denoting an occurence, statement, or conversation has iconic status or a meta-meaning
A: He was still holding the dripping knife and meatcleaver while he addressed the camera-phones
B: Hashtag

A: That was a great set the band played
B: Hashtag
by ohnonotanotherid June 05, 2013

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