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Pretty Little Liar
He is a PLL, don't trust him.
by hitherexD July 02, 2010
When speed-solving a Rubik's Cube, PLL stands for "Permute Last Layer". In the Jessica Fridrich method for solving the Rubik's Cube, PLL is the last step(s) needed to solve the Rubik's Cube.
After finishing my OLL, I had to do an easy corner PLL.
by Xbxg32000 April 28, 2007
Pretty Little Liars,

a tv series where PLL is often used to abbreviate when typing on social networks such a twitter.
Rob; 'hey, wuu2?'
Alice; 'brb hun just watching PLL!'
by bangers&mashers September 04, 2011
Shortcut, first time used by IBM for their campaign, "Peace, Love, Linux".
Simple example: Can be used as a signature on mailing lists. (P.L.L)
by Arangel Angov June 26, 2007
pussy licking lips
Girl: I hooked up with Chris last night.
Friend: Oh, that guy with the PLL?
Girl: Yesss 😢, he had my pussy dripping
by 😢😢😢😢 August 16, 2015
Potential Lesbian Lover. Can also stand for Pussy-licking Lover in situations involving alcohol.
"I'm not gay or anything, but Karen and I are definitely PLLs."
by Mr Sippi May 23, 2007

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