A person who uses an excessive amount of hashtags in their tweets. Ironically hashfag in text speak is a hashtag.
Tommy used at least 15 hashtags in his last tweet, he's a real hashfag.
by lolage21 December 31, 2010
Someone who excessively uses hashtags on the internet.
Friend 1: "Just went to the movies. #Swag"

Friend 2: "Wow, what a hashfag"
by JFthePROFESSOR May 08, 2011
People who use hashtags on facebook.
Hashfag facebook post:

I-495.. #novaproblems
by Oh4Sh0 February 09, 2012
One who excessively uses hashtags their posts on Facebook and/or Twitter.
Hashfag: Going to the mall. #swag #lol #yolo #gonnabuystuff #hashtag #420 #imsocool

Normal person: Fucking hashfag...
by iduncurr June 18, 2013
Someone who is so addicted to twatter, they use hashtags outside of it.
These include;
Hashfagger: Hey guys, going to moves l8ter with my homieszzzz #swagggg

Normal guy: Wow, nice job hashfag. Fucking asshole.
by Crock Cacaine March 01, 2012
a person who commits the crime of hashfaggery or hashfaggotry by annoying others with their use or incorrect use of hashtags
a hashfag's facebook status: I got so much done today! #productive
comment on said status: hashtags don't work here! gtfo
by bellethebeast June 15, 2013
Anyone who mis or overuses hashtags through either social media and/or real life.
Terrible people, really.

#swag #dont #trust #nobody #follow, shit like that

They also tend to use emoticons frequently to add to insult.
A commenter talking about a problem with Gran Turismo 6 on Facebook.
Guy #1: Rather get all the promised #GT6 DLC that were promised! #VisionGT has been left too long since the Mercedes AMG #VGT. BMW or Alfa Romeo next please! #QuickQuick

Guy #2: Oh boy you hashfag
by PakaChaka March 20, 2014
A moralfag on Twitter who incites an online mob against people with different opinions and calls it "hashtag activism."
If you supported #CancelColbert, you are a total hashfag.
by lulz_jew April 04, 2014

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