A moralfag on Twitter who incites an online mob against people with different opinions and calls it "hashtag activism."
If you supported #CancelColbert, you are a total hashfag.
by lulz_jew April 04, 2014
A person who abuses hashtags.
Hashfag: #I #think #hashtags #are #the #greatest #things #since #the #internet.

Regular person: Wow, what a #hashfag! (Oh great, now I'm starting to become one!) :P
by bluegrey6124 June 06, 2014
A person who uses an excessive amount of hashtags in their tweets. Ironically hashfag in text speak is a hashtag.
Tommy used at least 15 hashtags in his last tweet, he's a real hashfag.
by lolage21 December 31, 2010

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