An outgoing, beautiful, wise young lady who wears her heart on her sleeve. Her laugh is contagious. Her smile is sweet. Her eyes shine. A Hartley makes mistakes, but learns from them. She is a leader, not a follower. Boys practically drool over her beauty; yet she does not know how beautiful she truly is, inside and out. Her sweet/ funny/ caring/ yet sarcastic personality makes her a very likable girl. Any young man would be lucky to have a Hartley. He may not see it, but once he has her... He is never going to want her to leave. Hartleys really are amazing.
Wow, she's perfect. She must be a Hartley.
by soccer412 May 26, 2011
Term used to describe a teenager who lives in Texas who, under a number of different scenarios is probably the most unintelligable person that can be met (in Texas). A Hartley can be anyone who brags about how Modern Warfare 2 just came out but then not even buy it seeing as how the individual doesn't have a gaming system to play said game on. It can also be someone who goes to a Catholic school and gets on the wrestling team but then quits on the first day of practice to go play tennis instead because the person deems it too difficult to participate in said wrestling. Another way to describe a "Hartley" is anyone who has a father that's a laywer that will try to sue you for something that you technically can't even be fined for. Yet again, a "Hartley" is also someone who will have no concern for themselves or others regardless of the situation. Also a "Hartley" can be someone who relentlessly rants about his/her religious beliefs, enough to a point that the people listening to the Hartley will have the desire to tear out their eardrums (even if the people listening have the same religion as the Hartley that is ranting).
So my friend and I were at Walmart to pick up some stuff. And when we were getting close to the register to purchase our groceries, a random dude came up to us and at the top of his lungs yelled, "MAN THAT WRESTLING STUFF WAS TOO HARD, SO I WENT TO GO PLAY TENNIS INSTEAD!!!".
Holy shit, that guy was such a fucking Hartley.
by The Thrash Metal Master June 23, 2011
very small penis
i heard you got with a hartley?

total waste of my time. the thing was no bigger than 3 inches, i couldn't wait for it to be over... luckily it only lasted 10 seconds.
by fnegurl May 03, 2011
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