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1. witty, patient, strong.
2. Stubborn to the point of Insanity
3. is adorably cute
4. has a ready no for an answer, always.

5. is a complete Sweetheart.
I just met Harshal. He's kinda big deal.
by broflovski February 08, 2010
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1.n.A guy everybody loves he is hot but his personality is what girls love about him. He can be super sexy at times. a person that makes you laugh and you can talk to he is an amazing guy.

2.n. A sexual god and who can do everything right to a girl
1. Girl 1: omg I saw a harshal today he was so sexy!!

Gilrs 2: your so lucky!

2. Girl 1: my man is such a harshal he hits all the right spots!

Girl 2: lucky my man sucks
by Urban dictionary is amazing November 02, 2010
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An indian kid who tries to cheat on his test by hooking up with teachers
That kid is such a harshal he went down on that teacher like a concentration gradient
by Chief Justice harshal January 03, 2016
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