A stick man comic book character created by A. Gwynne, E. Smith-Mitchell and J. Somers in 1994. Harry's sole purpose is that he lives to die, and rather comically. He also has a trusty mule companion that sometimes features mechanically.
Harry Learn's to Fly (continued)...

Here is Harry's body being ripped into little morsels as he tumbles down the cliff insert suitable comic sketch. Here is Harry's mule, whick looks more like a llama than a mule, laughing at Harry. The mule is being very reprobative today insert suitable comic sketch. Here is Harry lying on the ground in many small segments insert suitable comic sketch. To be continued...
by Wowee! March 03, 2011
An awesome person who is good in every way, very hot and has an great body, he is very friendly and everyone knows him; easy to get along with, usually has a gf called lauren
he's a real harry
by obviously the truth December 17, 2009
one sexiest mother fuckers who has ever lived. one hectic mother fucker. often seen performing deadly feats of being a badass mother fucker. every bitch craves a harry, except ranger harrys, their parents are lost and wants there pussy child to grow into one badass mother fucker!
look at that badass mother fucker! he must be harry!
by the boss of mother fuck July 07, 2011
Someone who is lanky and spotty, who has poor personal hygiene, someone who never brushes their teeth and who molests cats, someone that has no education, no ambitions and does nothing with their life except sit on a chair all day and get stoned usin his mothers money, someone who has no dick game.
Harry is fingering the cat again.
by DRYTOES November 08, 2012
Despite the fact that harry's can usually look slightly chineese, they are very friendly and interesting creatures. Usually seen out in the wilderness of places such as Pershore, Worcester, Yorkshire or Dagenham & Redbridge.
Pokemon - A wild Harry has appeared! Calum - Gotta catch 'em all.
by Calzomojo April 08, 2011
some body with a massive forehead or in abreviated terms a "bored" or some body who is a massive blow-in.
boy: oh dude get a load of that harry over there
girl: woah! his foreheads so big!
boy: what a blow in
by clown prince August 18, 2008
The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He can attract any girl with his curly brown hair, bright green eyes, cheeky smile, and dimples. He loves to spoil his girlfriend with kisses and "I Love You's" When he is in the presence of his girlfriend, every girl becomes jealous of her. His girlfriend feels like a princess when in his presence. He loves to spend time with his girlfriend, even if they are doing nothing, he enjoys it because he's with her. They both love to spend nights snuggled up watching a movie.
Wow, Look @ Harry
by KaitlynRebecca January 10, 2013

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