An awesome person who is good in every way, very hot and has an great body, he is very friendly and everyone knows him; easy to get along with, usually has a gf called lauren
he's a real harry
by obviously the truth December 17, 2009
some body with a massive forehead or in abreviated terms a "bored" or some body who is a massive blow-in.
boy: oh dude get a load of that harry over there
girl: woah! his foreheads so big!
boy: what a blow in
by clown prince August 18, 2008
Despite the fact that harry's can usually look slightly chineese, they are very friendly and interesting creatures. Usually seen out in the wilderness of places such as Pershore, Worcester, Yorkshire or Dagenham & Redbridge.
Pokemon - A wild Harry has appeared! Calum - Gotta catch 'em all.
by Calzomojo April 08, 2011
A hot, cutie who is VERY loveable. Easy to fall in love with. ALWAYS want him SOOO bad! best personality ever! Funny as! so cuddly and popular -> sometimes loud!
just a total cutie!
Girl 1: OMG look at that cutie!

Girl 2: OMG must be a Harry
by cutiechick! September 14, 2011
one sexiest mother fuckers who has ever lived. one hectic mother fucker. often seen performing deadly feats of being a badass mother fucker. every bitch craves a harry, except ranger harrys, their parents are lost and wants there pussy child to grow into one badass mother fucker!
look at that badass mother fucker! he must be harry!
by the boss of mother fuck July 07, 2011
The most sick, coolest awesome bloke around. A Harry is usually awefully prone to pulling all da ladies and some gay guys. (Hugh)
Harry Bangs Ladies all Day
by Hagy 5892636 November 18, 2012
A lazy, little fucktard who plays on his XBox all day. What a little CUNT!

He also likes anal with goats, and has a strange fetish towards children with Down's Syndrome.
Look at that Harry over there, having anal with goats and touching Down's Syndrome Sufferers.
by Mrs. Lovelock February 26, 2011

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