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Great guy, such a flirt, can be a bit stupid sometimes but school-wise is totally smart. He suits girls whose name's begin with E, G and O.
Harry is so amazing... He should so go out with Emma/Georgia/Olivia!
by weluvshortshortsXxx May 25, 2013
2 16
To do a harry you must cake yourself with lots of make up to make it seem that your dad fucked a wosit. Next step to becoming a harry is that you must cry whilst having sex, on the note of sex, you must act very sleazy and cheap. You must act like you think you're mint and everyone loves you.
To be a harry is to be a fake. Good luck!
Did you hear the town talk about harry earlier?
Well lemme explain it to you then bhhaatt!
by It's ******** Bitches! May 06, 2009
30 44
An awesome person who is good in every way, very hot and has an great body, he is very friendly and everyone knows him; easy to get along with, usually has a gf called lauren
he's a real harry
by obviously the truth December 17, 2009
431 446
Slang originating from norway/sweden. Of people, places, things or moments characterizing certain aspects of norwegian/swedish culture. A person can be 'harry', usually they come from less populated areas, but you find them everywhere. Denmark is too continental to have them. They have a populistic mentality, usually have shabby/unhip clothes and they act cheesy and vulgarly.
That band is so harry.

I don't like that guy, he's too harry.
by asksol August 21, 2009
15 30
one sexiest mother fuckers who has ever lived. one hectic mother fucker. often seen performing deadly feats of being a badass mother fucker. every bitch craves a harry, except ranger harrys, their parents are lost and wants there pussy child to grow into one badass mother fucker!
look at that badass mother fucker! he must be harry!
by the boss of mother fuck July 07, 2011
47 63
a self proclaimed michael jordan wannabe. This kid is around 6''3. and is all bafoon. These are his terrible characteristics; he smells terrible but somehow he finds a way to believe thats its not him or he just insists its not him when we could smell him 11 miles away;he sucks a basketball because realisticly i could probably have no legs and no arms and have the rest of my body bleeding and still beat him in basketball; he posts these gay ass status' on facebook about eminem or metallica just about every 10 minutes but i dont know a human on the face of the planet that would even give a small shit; he is the biggest ball hog ever because in a real basketball game i could probably average 40 points a game but this faggot never passes the ball no matter how open you are; he is a poser like no other he smokes and drinks and posts it as his status as if we give a flying fuck but NOBODY GIVES A SHIT; he trys flirting with the popular girls at school and it works out terribly, he think they are enjoying it when the tell him to go kill himself or to stfu but in reality the actually mean it. he thinks they like him but no body does not even his parents. they have had numerous attempts to kick him out of the house as posted by harry himself; finally, he is a gay faggot that has one friend being a made up person proably almost as gay as him
man: wtf is that smell????
other man: oh its harry

middle of desert
man:"do you smell somthing?"
other man: "yeah its harry"

teammate: "dude pass the ball im wide open and you triple teamed"
harry: "na im good"

harry has done it again shooting 25 feet behind the 3 point line when he has almost his whole team open
by blong1232 August 01, 2010
10 26
A hot, cutie who is VERY loveable. Easy to fall in love with. ALWAYS want him SOOO bad! best personality ever! Funny as! so cuddly and popular -> sometimes loud!
just a total cutie!
Girl 1: OMG look at that cutie!

Girl 2: OMG must be a Harry
by cutiechick! September 14, 2011
185 202