It means gay white boy who like his dick rubbed over his mouth.
You're one neat Harry
by Xx_MLG_GET_REKT_xX June 02, 2015
a fat dick hole that loves dick holes and mexicans.
He also loves men when they are covered is brown runny crap.
hay look its that horry kid harry
by your mums gay January 07, 2013
Some desperate boy who asks everyone out and doesn't understand when you reject him, he stalks you until you avoid him everyday and feels sorry for himself because he's never had a girlfriend. He then ruins your friendship for ever. a person that doesnt understand what happening even tho hes getting obvious hints and when people try and politely reject him he panicks and says he loves you but how would he know?!?!
Girl: Hi
Harry:i love you
Girl: Urm.. i don't like you in that way
Harry: What do you mean :(?
Girl: O_O *Blocks*
by DrCake September 07, 2010
A person who tries their best at something that nobody else cares about, usually sport.
Person 1: See that guy in PE trying his hardest while everyone else was just standing around?
Person 2: Yeah, that guy is the biggest harry out.
by Lordilson May 10, 2011
A meaning for someone who is a complete mong
Ooooo oooo im such a harry, im such a retard in my plane
by 10000000 March 04, 2011
someone wo uses heroin
all my mates are harry heads
by hyonh8 September 16, 2007
A hot, cutie who is VERY loveable. Easy to fall in love with. ALWAYS want him SOOO bad! best personality ever! Funny as! so cuddly and popular -> sometimes loud!
just a total cutie!
Girl 1: OMG look at that cutie!

Girl 2: OMG must be a Harry
by cutiechick! September 14, 2011

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